Saturday, January 19, 2008


Last night/early this morning I was at a crop. I made 5 LO's and started another, which I actually finished before I went to bed at 3am.

A little bit about these LOs.

You Biffer: While Sally was here she learned a fun new phase, "Biff it" which became "You Biffer!" She even had it put on a shirt. On the page is a picture of me from our trip, shortly after I "biffed it" and almost cracked my head open. It was my own fault for jumping on the bed.

Aunt Kimmy: Underneath the Shakespere quote is hidden journaling about how much I adore Kaitee. I love the green & pink graph book paper by Love, Elsie. Funny beinga teacher I didn't even realize it was a gradebook until Lou pointed it out. The pictures were taken on seperate occasions, but I'm wearing the same outfit, even my accessories are the same. (It's also what I wore to the Anaheim concert).

Sweet Girl: A picture I took of Kaitee at her first birthday party. I love how this one is so simple. I used a kit from Scrap Addict for the papers. The ribbon was given to me by my friend Amy and the stamps are ones I gave Lou for Christmas.

Fabulous Fall: The pictures are my cousins back in Michigan when I visted them in Fall of '06 and we went to a cider mill. They all climbed up the tree and looked so cute.

Hey Hay!: More pictures formt eh cider mill trip. My cousin Zachary is ontop of the haystack in the top pic and the bottom one just amuses me. The sign says " No climbing, $100 Fine" and the haystacks are covered with kids.

Little Artist: Another picture from my trip to Michigan in Fall of '06. My cousin Miranda is impossible to get a picture of, but I really love this one, even though you can't see her whole face. Her toothless grin and crayon picture just make me smile.

I've got another 2 page LO to share that I just finished, as my nap was rudely interrupted by my noisy neighbors. Since this one is already full of pics, I'll post that seperately later.

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seriaunmilagro said...

Love the colours you used for teh fall layouts, so prettiful!

and baby of doom is le cutes!