Sunday, January 20, 2008

Green & Brown

Those seem to be the colors of today's pages, with a little blue thrown in. This first one is my friends Sally & Lou and I playing "faces in the mirror" which is totally fun. All you need is a friend or 2, a big mirror and a camera (or 3). Take turns shouting out emotions or situations and make a corresponding face on the count of three, snap a picture at the same time. My handwriting is on the tag, but the writing under squee is a font from my computer. I am currently making a minibook with these funny faces pictures. That will be my thing created for the next few days, as I assume it will tkae me a few days to finish. So, no updates until it's done and I can share the whole thing. Maybe a sneak preview though. :)
The green box reads "This picture makes me..." Click on it to see it bigger. There are two journaling spots on this one. These pictures were taken in LA, outside the Staples Center before & after Josh hugged me. Since my picture of the actual hug was lost on my friends missing memory card these pictures are most precious to me. The only pic on this LO not taken by me is the bottom right one. It was tkaen by my friend Emma right before/after he hugged me. I am pretty sure that my head is on the right sid eof that photo and he is smiling AT ME there.

This page is actually my favorite of the three. I really love how it turned out. Pictures by me.I used Basic Grey "Infuse" for this one and the one above it. The first one was made with 3 Bugs in a Rug "Back Porch." The journaling spots on these are by Dasiy D's.

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mm josh in jacket of shex.