Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My December

I've had this page in my head for about a week now, but couldn't make it until my ink cartidge got here. Sucks living in the middle of nowhere. I have order my ink even though it's availible at Walmart. The nearest Walmart is 30 miles away and I have no car. So if I want something NOW I gotta order it.

The ink got here Monday, but I haven't felt decent until today. Go figure, NOW I can go to the doctor and I feel lots better, I'm going anyway so I can get all better. Anyhow, I created this collage of pics on PSP and printed it as one piece, but I had to add strips of white paper between the pics because they were so dark they blended together. Everything in this LO except the title was from the December '07 ConCroption kit. :)
The title was fun. It comes from a Josh Groban song. I stamped "December" on a transparency and then traced the "my" from some of the other months so the font would be the same. I used an exacto to cut the bottoms of some of the letters out and taped the back of the transparency on the back of the photo.

Here's a video of Josh singing "My December" from Live at the Greek.
I love this song. It's a cover of a Linkin park song, and I think Josh's version rocks more, though I may be a tad biased there. :P