Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things made.

Yesterday I made something for my friend Jena who just asked me "What did you make yesterday? I looked at your bloggity to find out but you never posted." I told her I couldn't share it until she receives it. Which knowing Canada Post will be next MONTH sometime. Good to know I have loyal readers though! : ) Here's a hint about the thing I made yesterday... it's COFFEE THEMED! *Tortures Jena* I promise to share once she gets it.

Today's thing created was also made for a Canadian friend. Amy is from Canada, but lives here in Holbrook. She's married to my good friend Eldon who I grew up with. She requested a pretty header for her blog "Making Space." There is a link to the right if you want to visit her blog, she makes lovely cupcakes and posts about them! You might even find a recipe or two over there.

The picture was taken by Amy, the fonts used are MA Sexy & My Own Topher.

Tomorrow I am headed to a crop so I will probably have a few things to post this weekend. Depending on how much energy I have. I was starting to feel icky this morning. I hope I didn't catch some germies from the kiddies. :(


seriaunmilagro said...

*is tortured*


Amy said...

I lurve it! I know you know that but I was blog stalking and realized that I had never commented on this!!
Talk to you laters!!