Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ATC #2

Stayed home sick from school today. Well, went in and then came home- I had a fever and didn't want to infect my kids, they were actually all there today. They thought my new pink hair was cool. LOL I couldn't get into the Dr's office so I slept all day, and am feeling much better. My head is all clogged up though and my ear is driving me crazy. A little while ago I made this. My 2nd ATC... which ended up backwards. Argh. maybe am not totally better.

I thought of Jena while making it, so she will probbaly get it in a future package.

1 comment:

seriaunmilagro said...

*drool* me gusta!

i hope you feels better soon, I know I'm not entirely enjoying the cold of doom.