Saturday, February 9, 2008

Home Again

I wasn't able to scrap while away at my teaching conference, but I continued to make things everyday. I also enjoyed Vanilla Bean Cheesecake (of DOOM!) & tunes on my jPod. (That is not a typo, that is its you can see it has a picture of Josh on it..hehe). I did get to go scrapshopping at my fave place and spent over $200. Bad me.
I added to my "This is Me" journal. I only uploaded one of the 3 pages (the other 2 were my 5 quirks & my goals for 2008- if you wnat to see them I can upload those too). Click on it to see it large enough to read it. This one about my fave movies.
I drew a funky Robot on some white cardboard(from a game I bought while down there).
Lyrics from Josh Groban's "Machine".
Sharpies are love BTW.
I also made this tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) out of a paper plate in a workshop I went to on geometry on Friday (at the conference I was at). It was an AWESOME workshop and I can't wait to do this stuff with my kids!

After I got home last night I made these bookmarks.
I am going to make my kids bookmarks for VD since I don't believe in commercially supporting the holiday of stupidity & evil. Which bookmark do you like best? I may end up just making them all different ones. I dunno.
Not looking forward to tomorrow, laundry (I have to babysit my washer becuase it overflows if I don't let the water out bit by bit) & going to school to do my grades. Parent teacher conferences are this week and I have to get that done. The papers are all graded, but the grades aren't in the computer yet so I can print out reports. That's going to take me a couple HOURS. *sigh*

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seriaunmilagro said...

LOL scrapaholic- your bank account must prepare itself for shock every time you go to PHX.

lurve machine robot man!