Sunday, March 2, 2008

weekend scrappage

I created 5 things on Friday which left my end of Feb. Concroption project total at 25 and won me the contest. Though I think Joscie deserves a prize too since she worked her butt off and made 18 things while being a mommy. No way could I have made half that stuff if I had kids running around! So Joscie, email me your addy and I'm going to send you a little surprise for being so awesome! I tried commenting on your blog, but blogger is being evil to me today.

Here are the 2 things I scrapped this weekend. Both using LOVE, Elsie "Zoe" stuff that I had been hording until February was over.

I took this picture yesterday, my hair is no longer bright pink, it is now rich red, burgandy with a few pink streaks we didn't cover up becuase we ran out of dye. I love the little BamPop unicorn stamp. It made me squee. I sanded the embossed paper so the rainbows would stand out.

"I love your Soul" is something I often say to my dog Bindi. She's the best dog ever and I love every part of her. She's so sweet!

I am too tired to upload all my LOs from the past week here. This is my favorite project made for concroption this month. I love these pictures and I love these Teresa Collins papers! It's just one of my most favorite memories ever.

If you wnat to see the rest of the things I didn't post hop over to and look at my gallery there... or my SisTv Gallery. They're already posted in both places.


joscelyne cutchens said...

you are so awesome!

Melissa Goodsell said...

These layouts are fabulous..I especially LOVE the last one - very cool,

Colette said...

Congrats Kimmy - you tore it up on the challenge! I love the new LOs with the Love, Elsie products!