Tuesday, April 1, 2008

update of sorts

School is back in session and I'm worn out. Back to early mornings.
This is TEST prep week. Bleh.

Sunday I created a minibook from a kit (haven't added pics yet)
Yesterday & today I made some Josh ATC cards. I'll upload pics of those hopefully tomorrow.
Too tired now.

Today was the relase of Sweeney Todd on dvd & yesterday I got my season 1 dvds of The Tudors. SO all I want to do is come home and watch tv.

Today is also the anniversarry of the day I got my hug from the Joshman. *sigh* Well it was technically TODAY. It was after midnight after the show on the 31st of March last year in LA.
Am retarded & tired, but you can watch the 15 second video clip of my hug here if you are so inclined.

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