Saturday, May 30, 2009

London is Wicked!

Wow...what a crazy busy place London is. Holy cow. So insane! Took the train into Paddington Station (like the bear in the kids' book!) and then taxied to Buckingham palace, only we couldn't get there because traffic was stopped due to some parade...which we later saw.
Missed the official Changing of the Guard due to practice for some parade (Trooping of the Colours) for The Queen's birthday next month. Were unable to get very close to Buckingham Palace because of that. Though we did get to see all the guard in their fancy uniforms, some atop horses and playing instruments. We couldn't even get to that memorial dad was talking about. The police had the whole area blocked off. We walked round Buckingham Palace to the theatre outside Victoria Station. Let me just say, The Queen has a damn big house. My legs still hurt today. It's hilly walking that seems to bother them most, my shins just BURN. Ugh.

Then we went to see Wicked. Which was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! Only a few of the characters did I really notice their accents...for those of you who were wondering. The cast was awesome, our seats were awesome, the sound was awesome, and Fiyero's trousers were lovely. It made me CRY it was so good!!! Also gave my goosebumps at one point. LOVED it!! I hope I can still get tickets for Phoenix next month. I already want to see it again!!! I bought 2 shirts (one says Wicked London on it, the other says Defying Gravity).
We had drinks with Jaz at The Shakespeare Pub after. It was lovely to finally meet her!! She's loads of fun. I look forward to next week, but I will be sad leaving Sal in Newbury. : ( Tomorrow is our last day together, until I come back on Thursday to go to school with her.

Me and the Jazzy one at the pub. See laminated Kimmy in the foreground.

Fancy British parade practice.
Palace guards. We were quite far away... zoomity lens action!!

WICKED SQUEE!!!! The signage was v. cool.. all sparkly.. the lighting inside the theatre was all GREEN too!!!!!


Lou said...

So fracking COOL! We so have to go see wicked in phoenix. I must experience this with you!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

DANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG girl....looks like U are having an AMAZING TIME!!!!!!! And of course U travel there...and I read that Prince Harry is here in NYC!!! LOL!!!! Talk about timing! :):):):):):):):):):)

Tom, April and Kaitee said...

I'm loving the vicarious british visit you're treating me to! Kaitee and I send our love and can't wait to see the next installment of euro joy. :)

by the way, is it just me or do you sound more and more brit with every post? :D