Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Warwick Castle

Yesterday we went to Warwick Castle, a real Medieval Castle built in about 1300. It was so COOL!!!!! It was huge, but you really couldn't see it until you were right at it, as it was in a dense forest, which we had to walk 20 minutes through to get to. We had a picnic lunch on thr grounds inside the castle and then walked around the place. We watched some jousting with very good looking knights ( I took tons of pictures of them, with my zoomity lens). Toured the grounds and the staterooms where they had elaborate displays wit wax figures of famous Brits... including this one of The Queen. She looks real doesn't she?

The back of the castle.

Nummy Knight number one.

The front of the castle.

More entries about other activties yesterday and today soon to come, including: shopping!! more old churches, the real plac where Princess Di is buried, meeting Adele & Sally's family, and visiting the Braunton marina/canals.

1 comment:

Cari said...

Your pictures are STUNNING.

Your nummy Knight isn't bad, either.

(What an *awesome* action shot!!)

What camera do you use, again? The camera is great - but is, of course, only as good as it's photographer.

You have a terrific photographic eye.

I love seeing your trip's progress.