Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tower Bridge & Tower of London

My last day in England was spent visiting Covent Garden Market (not as exciting as Camden market & much more crowded). Then we went to The Tower of London via Route Master Bus (that's the old ones). At the Tower we hunted gargoyles, harassed the Beefeaters (for directions to the gargoyles mind you), wore bunny ears, coveted the Queen's Bling, viewed Henry VIII's armor collection, and really wanted a cup of tea. Outside the Tower we watched the Tower Bridge open and let a "pirate ship" through. How do we know it was a pirate ship? Because the 5 year old nearby said so. Then we walked across the Tower Bridge, through docklands, and had dinner at a place with horrible service.

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Cari said...

Of course, I love the Tower of London!

I am so glad that you got to go there -- I will look at the rest of your photos on Shutterfly, soon!!