Sunday, July 19, 2009

I won!

So I officially won the Serendipity Scrapbooks Last Scrapper Standing contest!
That contest kicked my butt! But I kicked it back! I made over 170 pages for it... 30 of them in the last 17 hours of the contest! I loved the challenges, did a lot of things I wouldn't normally do and even made some new friends.

Here's what they said about me (it made me laugh):
Now For Our Winner and our first ever Last Serendipity Scrapper Standing!
She totally rocked every challenge. The more we threw at her to slow her down the faster she got. The harder the challenges got the harder she pushed herself. I was sure at one point she would slow but she didn't. She did and amazing mind blowing 30 layouts with her kit and 170 total. She is very happy that she won since she no longer has any supplies to scrap with. lostinadreamgirl/ Kimmy you did awesome and I am amazed at just how much and how fast you can scrap. You totally blew my mind!!!

Here are a few of the pages I made in the last week or so for the contest-if you want to see them all you can look at my Serendipity Scrapbooks Gallery (link on the right)...

I can't wait to get my prize box. I'll take a picture of it and post it here when I do!
Thank you Serendipity Scrapbooks! :)

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