Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Joined the Candy Shoppe Designs Blog Hop MEME!

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Here are MY answers:

1. What is your favorite or most recent Etsy purchase and who are your favorite Etsy sellers?
I browse Etsy more than buy from it. Just love going on there and drooling at things! Etsy makes my heart pitterpat. My two fave Etsy purchases in the past year are my "Keep Calm & Carry On" poster from byorderofthecrown and my "A bad day in London is better than a good day anywhere else" print from 3lambsgraphics Think I'm an Anglophile? You'd be right.
As for favorite sellers... CozetteCouture makes darling headbands I want to buy a bunch for kiddie photo shoots! LondonTierney makes fab buttons. I really need to just buy some already!
Angiedelerie makes cute scrappy embellies ( I've bought some of her stuff!) elisejoy makes darling minibook kits (I've bought3!) Oh and I've got this awesome Pi necklace from Kokoba's shop! The digits of Pi are hidden in the bead pattern! INGENIOUS!

2. What would you like to tell a teacher who has changed your life?
As a teacher myself this question is very personal. Whenever a student comes back and tells me I was their favorite teacher or that they remember some lesson (that I'd forgotten teaching) I know I've made a difference in that child's life. I have had so many awesome teachers I can't brag on all of them. They ALL inspired me to take the career path I did and follow in their footsteps. I just wish I had the chance to tell Mr. Koury, my high school art teacher, what a great impact he had on my life. He helped me to believe in myself and even though I may not have been the best artist in his class (man, my pottery was crap! LOL) he encouraged me to keep trying and helped me to see the beauty in what I created, instead of being so harsh on myself and criticizing it as ugly. He helped shape me into the artist & teacher I am today. Sadly a few years ago he passed away, and my biggest regret is not telling him how much he meant to me, but I think he knew.

3. Did you marry your first true love?
Nope, but I haven't found him yet. ;) E-Harmony here I come! Har Har. Just kidding. :P

4. FOUR random examples as to what makes me, me.
#1 - I am addicted to DR. Pepper. Can't go a day without one, or 3. Without my DP I get cranky and irritable and am likely to get a headache too.
#2 - I hate bananas. So much that they are NOT allowed in my classroom. I can not stand the smell of them it makes me nauseous. I used to eat them as a kid though. Whenever I am at a potluck I always have to ask if things have bananas in them so I don't accidentally eat them!
#3 - I'm such a daddy's girl. I worry about my dad a lot (since he was hospitalized 2 yrs ago) and I have to see or talk to him everyday or I get all anxious feeling. I hate it. He probably does too.
#4 - My favorite movie is Bridget Jones' Diary, because at the beginning her life is pretty much crap and by the end she's got hot Colin Firth as a boyfriend. It makes me think there's still hope for me! Yeah I know it's just fictional, but it's my feel good movie!

5. A story about a favorite pet:
See my answer in my previous blog post.

6. What are your favorite WORDS or words that you find yourself using most frequently?
"Will you please BE QUIET!?"
I'm a teacher of noisy fourth graders, and the owner of whiny dogs.
7. Is there somebody out there in this world that you once knew or still know that you never got around to sharing your true feelings to? There may be more than just 1 person out there, maybe you're the silent and shy type, maybe you won't say it because you know that they already know what you feel. Who is this person and what would you say to them if they were standing in front of you at this very moment?

This one is tough for me to answer. I generally wear my heart on my sleeve, if I like you I let you know about it. Not with words so much, but with my actions. I think everyone I've had a "thing" for knew about it. There was this one guy though, I think we were both to shy to act upon our crushes on each other (at least I THINK he liked me too.) My life could have been very different had I spoken up. C'est la Vie. It's all good. I like being my own boss. ;)

8. Have you ever met a celebrity?

Josh Groban. 3 x's. Well, kind of.
1- We saw him walking down the sidewalk in Vegas the night before the concert there. I chased after him, but was so freaked out I couldn't follow him into the hotel, OR take a picture!

2- After a show in LA we waited outside for him to come sign autographs. By the time he came out there were only about 30 people left. I got an autograph & a hug! Sadly the photo taken of that moment was "lost" but a video surfaced a few days later. Taken by a fellow fan who had been behind me, was my friend online and didn't know it was me. It's dark & blurry, but it's proof! There's a screen cap from the vid below...

3- During a show in Anaheim I went up to the stage (I shmoozed the security guy who was parked by my seat) and gave Josh a cowboy hat and some handcuffs. ;) See picture above...that's my hand!

9. Who is your celebrity crush? Why?

You'd think after all that above it would be JOSH... but you already know I like him.
Another Celebrity Crush I have is Colin Firth. Why? He's British, hot, and freaking talented. Have you SEEN "The King's Speech" ?? GO Now. SO GOOD.

10. What's your guilty pleasure?
The Backstreet Boys. I must admit I hated them when they first showed up on the music scene, but my sister dragged me to their concert for her birthday and well... I got sucked in. We ended up going to 4 BSB shows, and I saw them once from the 4th row. :) I am a BSB purist though... no NSYNC for me. In fact I really hate Justin Timberlake. I still enjoy their music, though once my favorite member of the band left I stopped seeing them live.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeee this list! And I remember the cowboy hat story! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

salme said...

Love your answers to the MEMEs!

Z said...

thanks for sharing! aren't meme's amazing boy the things you can find out about people and yourself! good luck in finding your mr right!

Anonymous said...

blog hopping and am a follower.. :))

Mo said...

ah, very entertaining! ha ha! josh looked awesome in the hat! and colin firth....mmmmmmm.....

Tettiz said...

Oh yes... Colin Firth... Yum!

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christine mae Engcoy said...

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