Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Disclaimer: This is not a Valentine.

I do not celebrate nor endorse that holiday of evol. I loathe it, I spit on it.

I bought this card kit becuase I love Basic Grey...esp Blush and it was like half off at Christmastime. Today I worked hard, felt like crap, and wanted something easy to make, so I broke this out. I added the ink and ribbon, everything else was in the kit.

*puts in cardbox*


Melissa Goodsell said...

LOL..I don't celebrate Valentine's Day either. That's a super card!

Alonna said...

I like it. Its all pretty and covered in Blush papery goodness. And IT IS NOT a valentine. LOL. You managed to not create the leaning tower of crackers after I left. I'm so proud.

Sal said...

I'm testing here... I joined just for you!

seriaunmilagro said...

Jena likes. Is cutesy and just a nice for random times card, NOT for evol day of evolness. *makes x*