Wednesday, January 30, 2008

School Crafty.

Today's project was part work, part crafty.

I used my Cricut to make headers for our class science fair projects. The soda cans are hot glued on there. and I had to add the stars because I put the lettering on UPSIDE DOWN. Am so stupid sometimes.

One of our projects was "Does diet soda really have less sugar than regular soda?" Check it out. diet soda floats!

We also used a homemade hydrometer to measure the density of the soda. We added suagr to a cup of water until it matched. There are 3 teaspoons of sugar in a can of Dr. Pepper... and the density of the diet soda, matched the plain water with no sugar added. Still not enough to convince me to drink diet. YUCK. I love the real stuff for the tsate. Sorry.

The other experiment was "Who is faster, boys or girls?" According to our research (olympic records) men are faster than women.... and after racing & timing...yes the boys were on average faster. One of my girls was faster than mostof my boys though.

I am so ready for science fair to be OVER.

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