Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm Blue.... da be de da be do.

Today's two pages feature the sunshine of my life, Kaitee, my "neice". I got to visit her today, I hadn't seen her in over a month, she's making little words now. So cute.

On the 2nd page I added rain dots to the swirlies to give them more dimension, I think it looks really neat. It was based off a sketch from "Gettin' Sketchy." Check out their link to the right. A new sketch is posted once a month. :)


seriaunmilagro said...

Baby of doom! Too cute! Poor cabbage patch josh, she's got him face first in the ground, LOL.

I love how the blue and white mirrors her clothes!

Leslie said...

Hi! The new crop-a-dile was on sale last week at the home shopping network for about $39.99 with a bunch of grommets. They go on the market in March. I'm hoping Michaels will carry them since they carried the first version. That one I bought for something like $13 with 50% coupon. As much as I like this new one... I can wait until it's more affordable.