Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Whole Month of Crafty.

Today marks the one month mark in my goal, I did it! I made things for one whole month. Yes, I was tempted the other day (by my best friend!) to make a tower of mini saltines- photograph it and call it done, but I actually MADE something arty instead. :P Though I suppose the leaning tower of saltines would be art to someone. LOL.

Today's project was fast and easy, because yet again I feel like ick. This cold just refuses to leave.

It's a card of my own creation, which may end up being someone's birthday card. I may end up adding ribbon to it too, I can't decide. I was inspired by the design of a store bought card a friend gave me. It opens from the top, kind of like a matchbook. The bottom (blue) portion folds down from the middle. SO the thing has two folds in it that overlap. I can't explain this right my head is full of cold medicine. Does anyone understand me?
This is a testament of how icky I feel. I have received 3 boxes of scrapstuff in the mail this week and only opned and molested the contents. I have not USED any of them, save one scrap of ribbon on a page a few days ago. Ugh. I want to create I just don't feel good.
Can the art project I am teaching my kids tomorrow (How to drawVan Gogh's Starry Night) count as my thing created? It may just, depending on how I feel after a 2 hour long meeting of evil.

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joscelyne cutchens said...

that's cuute. and yes, that makes sense. :)