Friday, January 4, 2008

Things Created 1/1-1/4

1/1/08- "Iron Bitch" - I am the least householdy person I know. I can't sew and I usually even screw up the ironing. So when we made these t-shirts with my Cricut machine we made Lou do the ironing adn dubbed her the "Iron Bitch."

1/2/08- "Joy" is scrapshopping in Anthem with two of your best friends. (I'm the one in green.)

1/3/08- "SpagBol" translates to Spahetti Bolgnese. It's the abbreviation I came across in a series of books I've read. I like it. My friend Sally made this yummy dish for me when she visited from Engalnd. The recipe is inside the folder.

1/4/08- "Scrapgirls" After traveling 26 hours to come visit us in AZ the first place we took Sally to was Scrap Mecca, aka Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa. This is part of a 2 page LO. The other page can be found in my SIStv gallery ( the link is to the right) if you are interested.
I REALLY do not like the way photos upload on my blogger page. I fought with the thing, it uploaded them all backwards, and I can't rearrange I had to delete and redo them all in reverse order & then add the text. Anyone have any tips on this? It's annoying me.

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joscelyne cutchens said...

after you upload the pictures, click and drag to rearrange them... hope that helps... i like that scrapgirls lo...