Sunday, March 9, 2008

Scrapping in the CAR!?

I was away for the weekend and it's a long ride to Phoenix so I did my Friday create-a-thing, in the car. I scrapbooked in my "This is Me" Journal on my lap. LOL.

I did this other page after I got "home" (to Lou's brother's house) from the ren faire.

I ended up going as an elfy wench instead of a pirate, it was too hot to wear my leather pirate coat & hat...but I ended up leaving as an Fairy Pirate Wench. Yeah I bought more costume pieces. A piratey skirt w/ jingle bells on it and some feather black/red wings. Costume love.

Today when I got back to my scraproom and put my $217 worth of goodies away I made an ATC card. (Which I can't post now because blogger hates me today) I didn't like it much anyway.


Colette said...

I'm so impressed that you scrapped that in the car - awesome!

KJ-Starre said...

Wow! in the car...I hope you weren't driving :o) I have seen your name so many times on Joscies site that I popped over to say hi!

So Hi! hope you have another creative day.

taG said...

you busy girl you!
whad'cha get?