Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday I made a card for Joscie (I sent your box today let me know when it arrives) but I'm not posting that here. I was thinking of sending in a page to CK, but I always post my LOs. Argh. They want unposted ones. What whores. Most of my really fab LO are ones I've posted already. Argh. I should just unpost them and send them in... or send them to some other mag that's not run by Lisa B. (she annoys me).

Today I made this KaiteeBug page. I've been dying to use the red polka dot felt since I bought it. I've got it in pink & aqua too. :) The journaling on the ticket says "Just another crazy nickname aunt kimmy calls you" Love these pics of her squished against the window. LOL.

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joscelyne cutchens said...

what a cutie! and I love the felt too.... :)... cute layout, and I'll definitely let you know when my box arrives :)