Friday, April 25, 2008

Josh Groban + Paul Simon

I promise a post with pictures of things I made recently soon... I am just too tired to upload them from my camera. School has been a killer this week.

I know some of you who read this blog enjoy Josh Groban. This week he did a stint of concerts in NYC with his hero Paul Simon. Apparently he was so excited that he "squeaked." LOL My friend Gayle was there and she said that he was just over the moon. I've always adored his rendition of America It's one of my faves, ever. Well, he did a duet with Paul Simon on Bridge Over Troubled Water and sang another one called Jeruselum.

Listen here!

So much for my self imposed Josh fast. I'm still going to starve myself of the songs on the AWAKE LIVE dvd until May 6th...(go wtach the preview on that link. OMG.) it will just make it taste that much better when I get it! :)

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