Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy NSD!

My computer is still having issues, hence the non postyness of the las few days.

Here's what I've been up to.

Wednesday: I made this mini:

Thursday: I worked on some ATCS for a swap:

Friday: I made Sharpie Tie Dye shirts with my class.
(lot's of cool T-shirt ideas in that link)

Not as cool as regular tie-dye, but a lot less messy, though it was a lot more stinky.
I think if I did this again I'd do the spot method, from Steve Spangler Science, instead of the way I did it...Kids thought they were awesome though. :) One claims she's going to pass her shirt down to her children. LOL. Too cute.

Now it's National Scrapbook Day and I haven't made anything yet! I've been running around all day trying to get my computer fixed, drugs at the pharmacy, mom's car washed for charity, finish all those t-shirts that didn't get done yesterday...I ran out of alcohol. They are all now sparyed and washed. YAY!
PS: I must say... my friend Colette is the bomb! Thanks again for the sweet RAK! :)

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seriaunmilagro said...

OMFG. those trading cards.