Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blast from the past

I totally ruined my Hawaii photos by glueing them into a paperscrapbook when I was 17 and stupid. I found a handful of duplicate pictures in a box that had been in a picture frame and scrapped them. I know Eldon will get a kick out of these pages.

This pictures is crap, but it deserved it's own page. It was the first time I ever saw the ocean.
I was 17... it was at Waikiki beach in hawaii, in the dark. LOL We all jumped over the waves and chased each other through the surf and ended up swimming with our clothes on. It was my favorite memory from the Hawaii trip. :D

Right after I rgaduated college I worked in a dry cleaners for the summer. It was so stress free compared to this job. All I had to worry about were creepy old guys hitting on me. But there was a nice trade off, hot policemen gave me their uniforms once a week to wash and flirted with me.

I made this mini album for my friend Jess who recently traveled to Europe.
See the whole thing here.

I made this art canvas (my very first canvas!) for my friend Megan. It's inspired by her fave Josh Groban song in Italian. :)

I havea couple other things made that I can't share yet... but you'll be seeing them soon!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't see the ocean until you were 17! That's really old!

Erm... You spelt "their" wrong on the washing clothes page. ;)

seriaunmilagro said...

sally's crazy. Not all of us live close to an ocean. I'm almost 21 and never seen it!

I love Jess's album it's amazing!!!!

Kimmy said...

3 am makes me spell bad. :P
I fixed it, thanks Sal.

& I live 10+ hours from the ocean. It's not so odd. You live on an ISLAND!! LOL.

Lisa said...

Your layours are awesome! Thanks for playing with us at Scrap Your Crap, I hope you come back for our next challenge!

ps: UnDo is a remarkable adhesive remover that will unstick those old photos you glued down and works great on those "magnetic" photo albums, too.

Greta Adams said...

the link in the SYC blog doesn't work :( when i followed it i got a "can't be found " message...can you please try it again

LOVe all these pages you did...

sara berry said...

That page about your favorite job made me laugh out loud! Nice blog you have!

Deborah Mahnken said...

Great LOs and I'm still chuckling over your drycleaning one! Thanks for playing along with us :)