Thursday, July 3, 2008

My New BABY!!!!!!!

No, I didn't give birth {probably could have done so for less money than this BABY cost me...} but she's worth it and I love her.

She's a Nikon D60...fully loaded with a 18-55 lens, an extra zoomity lens {70-300 Nikkor VR Zoom}, extra battery, 4 gig memory card with it's OWN USB port{!!!} and a cool bag to hold the entire thing in.

I saved my income tax returns to buy her. Yes she cost me all of that + about $100 more. So it was like the government got me a SEXY new camera. Though it did kinda hurt when I slid my debt card through the machine. That's the most moola I ever spent at once...{I have no car, I rent my house, and my computer is paid off a little at a time}.. but this baby is completely paid for. She's MINE ALL MINE!!

First Self Portrait with camera. {random...I've never taken a pic of myself in the mirror with a camera before.} Hehe. I even bought some pretty stripey ribbon if Amy wants to sew it on my camera strap for me.

It even has a CHILD setting. I can not WAIT to take pictures of KAITEE with it. OMG.

I have only taken like 10 pics with the thing so far, but it takes WONDERFUL pics of my DOGS... IN THE DARK LIVING ROOM! My dogs are impossible to take pics of. I usually have to take a whole bunch before I get one I like. I took 5 dog pics and liked 3 of them. EEEE! Taking pics of Josh with this thing... is gonna be a dream come true, not to mention Europe next summer!

My Bailey dog. :D

I'll be posting some new projects tomorrow. :)

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