Monday, July 7, 2008

This post is brought to you by the color PINK

Made this for my niece Kaitee using my Cricut and some DARK T-SHIRT iron on transfer paper. Not my idea, my friend Amy told me how to do this. Here's how..
1:Open a photoshop/paintshop blank document
2: Make it a bit bigger than the transfer you want to do.
3. Use your paint bucket and fill the entire space with the color you wnat the transfer to be.
4. Print that solid block onto the iron on paper (It has to be the dark t-shirt transfer paper, even if your shirt is white...because you are not cutting the image in reverse.)
5. Use your cricut to cut out what you want on the transfer paper. (I have the Sure Cuts a Lot software and used a font from my computer)
6. Peel the transfer paper off the mat leaving your design behind.
7. Slowly peel each letter off and place it on the shirt where you want it.
8. Follow iron-on directions.

altered candy box.

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Amy said...

Such an adorable t-shirt!! I lurve it!! What font did you use?