Monday, November 10, 2008

Post #3: Random & Recent

Instead of a Halloween Party this year I had Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta.
I painted my friend's faces... (art inpired by Silva Ji)

& we decorated suagr skulls (which we also made ahead of time).

I was out of town and had to "make" something for that day, so Amy reminded me how to make origami cranes. Once I helped my 5th graders make 1000 of them and mailed them to Japan.

Flat Joscie came to visit... this is a peek at what I didn in her scrapbook...
There are pics in the mini albums and the page opens up to reveal more pics and her Halloween costume...

JOSH! Finally got all this concert (aug 2004! LOL!) scrapbooked.
I eneded up throwing away a bunch of bad /blurry pics that I printed becuase at the time were the best pics of Josh I had. The one on the top of this page is still one of my favorites ever.

Kaitee, cutie.

Vinyl rub-ons + pumpkins = prettiness!!

Election Lo #3. made as the election returns were coming in, before I knew the winner.

Do you hear Gollum's voice? Because I love her like he loves the Ring.

New Challenge Blog= Ad This.

Inspired by "Wicked"
I have since added Facebook & Myspace on the list.
Can't believe I forgot those when I first made it.... must have been tired.

Concroption November Kit.

Project Catwalk Week 12. My last entry. I loved it, however the judges did not. :(

Stash Diet Mini.
See the inside HERE.

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