Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Post!!!!!!?

Yeah, the photo uploading is getting quite tedious, and I feel like I am hogging Sally's computer, hence so few photos in each post. I've met some lovely people the last two days... Sally's mum, dad,and sister Hazel, and her adorable friend Adele & her boyfriend Ed.

Sally's parents bought me dinner at the pub last night and Hazel gave me some fun little gifts. I felt right spazzy that I'd forgotten the gifts I brought from them on Sally's bookshelf. I'll send them by post later this week. Sally's mum told me all about the canal system and the canal boats in Braunton. Her dad, who was a teacher and is now still works in the schools and I had some lovely conversations about schools and the difference between ours and theirs (not too much really). Hazel let my play with her Dr. Who toys while Sally rolled her eyes at us. :P

Sally & her adorable friend Adele took me to an AMERICAN themed resturant today for lunch. It was called Frankie and Benny's. I went out of my way to eat the least American item on the menu (sausage and mash). They did a good job of making it seem American though, lots of tradtional American foods, and the decor was much like an American resturant like Chili's... but alas no Dr. Pepper. Sal has 2 bottles of it here for me. :) I tried smoky bacon crisps (potato chips) just now...OMG. I think I have to buy another suitcase just to bring home packets of crisps. This is Amy's fault. :P During lunch Adele asks 'so is anyone going on holiday soon?' It was quite funny as I AM on holiday now. She's quite funny. We galavanted about the countryside scoping out the church where Princess Di is really buried... and shopping!


Sally and her parents.

Sally and Adele skipping down the road.

Sally & Adele being more civilized.

Me, enjoying hot chocolate at Costa Coffee (just for you Cari!!)

me & Hazel on the site of the medieval ruins of a town where everyone died of the plauge. How morbid!!

Me looking very excited about the phone box pencil sharpener Hazel has given me. I'm inside my first pub!

It uploaded the wrong photos...grrr. Oh well. Here's the yummy knight again.
The Spencer estate -Althrop House- where Princess Diana grew up and where everyone thinks she's buried on an island... but she's not. She's actually in an old church up the road. I do have photos of that church, but don't feel like uploading anymore at the moment.

The house gate.

Davetry town centre- where went shopping today. Not many people about as it was wet and rainy.

Okay... tomorrow we go to Bath early. So we need to head to bed soon. Goodnews, the jetlag has finally seemed to wear off!


Amy said...

they have smokey bacon chips in Canada too, lays! So yummy! So glad you are having a blast...miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

oh Kimmy I am loving your posts!!!

Favour...can you bring back knight number one and his horse? kthnxbye.

;) So glad you're having a great time!! Loff you!!

Cari said...

Hi, honey!

Love, love, love your pictures! I am so glad that you are having a good time. The pictures of you, Sally, Sally's family and Adele are just great.

The English countryside is spectacular - and seeing your picture of you inside Costa Coffee made me tear up... So sweet.

Enjoy Bath! I used to go there (and to the LUSH shop there!) all the time. The Abbey is gorgeous. You will just love it. There was also a great (and purple, very colorful!) restaurant there called Doolally's. Wonderful food (and pies!) and great music when I used to head into Bath in the evenings.

Bath is just gorgeous. I am sure that you will love it as much as it will love you.

So happy to see your pictures, honey. I am loving this.

Have fun in Bath!


Jennifer said...

I just realized that you have like a billion Jennifer's on your f-list so just to clarify, this is xoesotericox lol.

Ooooh smokey bacon chips sounds delicious I'm loving your posts also! I'm so jealous of you right now. Glad you're having a good time with the English folk. I wonder if you're having any difficulties understanding any of them. I know I'd probably need a translator if I went there lol.

<3 you!

Cari said...

Me chiming in, again...

I'd never noticed (and these photos depict this, well) - your hands are lovely.

You have such beautifully long, tapered fingers.

Now that I sound weird.
But I've always loved to look at hands. I think it goes back to when I was a kid and loved to look at my mother's hands - her fingers and nails were always so pretty.

So there you go.
Bizarre trivia from me.

But you have lovely hands.