Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today we went to Bath by train. It was lovely. We waved at Chippenham for you Cari & went into Lush! My favorite place so far is Bath Abbey. It was gorgeous! I wanted to take it home with me. It's a bit too big for my luggage though. We also went to the Roman Baths there, which was a bit like stepping back in time and visiting Italy all at once. Dad, you would have loved it!!! We sampled the Bath waters which tasted rather metallic, smelled funny, and were warm. Went into Reading on the way home and met up with Sally's friend Laura for tea. We ate at Chili's which niether of them had before, and I didn't know existed in the UK... then had Krispy Kremes for dessert. *SQUEE* Today I also had Ribena, a Crunchie Shakaway Shake, and a Cheese & Onion Pasty (my favorite meal so far... SO YUM!!) Oh and guess what mom? They let DOGS on trains in England!!!!! I think that's just awesome. I miss mine. : ( I am so tired!!! I walked more today than I usually do in a week!


The interior of Bath Abbey. The ceiling was SO high!!!! Built in the heck did they do that!? There was a mass going on when we got there so we had to wait to take photos until afterwards.

Me excited over a dozen KKs. Laura looking at me incredulously thinking soemthing about crazy americans I am sure.
More of Bath Abbey. This was near the altar.

The exterior of the Abbey! Isn't it grand?

The Roman Baths.

Tomorrow: Fish & Chips at the seaside! :) Also, I'll try calling home, hopefully I can get a phone card at the post office. I miss you!!


Linda said...

Hey Kim

I'm surprised to see some more pics so soon. I can tell you are having the time of your life. Terrific photos as usual. Enjoy your visit to he seaside tomorrow. IT'S Thurs. afternoon here now.

Love the canal dogs! The dogs, your dad and I miss you bunches.

Will look for more posts from you.

Love ya.

Kristi said...

Looks amazing, and who wouldn't be excited over a dozen kk's???

Cari said...

Which seaside will you be seeing...?

The only seaside that I saw was Lyme Regis which I. Just. ADORED.


Your pictures are lovely.
I am living vicariously through your posts and am so happy that you are there.

Thank-you for waving hello to Chippenham for me.

I miss England, very much.

Be well, love.
Please say Hello to Ms. Sally for me!

Cari said...


Forgot to mention - when going to the seaside and eating Fish & Chips - I am curious if you will see signage which warns you of the seagulls.


I found the sign that I saw at Lyme Regis to be VERY amusing. I laughed over it for a good 40 minutes with my Mom. We even bought little "Seagull" figurines to remind us of how much we laughed over that silly sign.

My ex-husband was not very amused.

But seeing that sign darn near killed my Mom and I.

Colette said...

Looks & sounds like you are having fun! I love Bath, too! There are 2 chocolate bars you must try - a Flake and an Aero (mint).

Lou said...

Wow! That all looks so awesome! I have always wanted to see Bath. I LOVED the KK picture. TOo cute! Miss you honey! Remember to bring my brain back with you. I can def. tell its missing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimmy, it's Jenn (in Maine). That pic of the Roman Bath brings me back! OMG how I LOVED that place! I thought it was sooooo lovely. :)

And if I remember correctly, they let dogs in stores/cafes in Paris. :)