Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Globe Theatre

I am going to break these down into smaller posts about each place in London I've seen, because I have taken SO many pictures!!! Sunday, Sal & I took the train into London and went to The Globe by tube after dropping my things at Jaz's flat. I was a little sad we didn't get there in time for the tour, but the play was fantastic. Romeo & Juliet at The Globe in I can never watch the play again (you know unless Clon Firth or someone decided to star in it. LOL) because really not much could top that Shakespeare. The seats were horridly uncomfortable, but it was authentic. :)

inside The Globe
The Tube... the famous London underground. I took this at London Bridge station.
The Millennium Bridge (know by locals as the wobbly bridge, because that's what it did when they first opened it... but it's fixed now.)

After the play we walked across that bridge and then down the Thames a bit. I was feeling yucky so we taxied back to Jaz's where I had to take a nap because I felt so icky... migraine with nausea & dizziness. Bleh. So we didn't go on the London Eye as planned, but later this week we'll be doing that.

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