Thursday, June 4, 2009

In Jaz's Words

Copy/Pasted from the blog of Jaz...

She's gone on a Big Bus Tour of London with my hot pink Jimmy Choo heels, been to Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral, had a cup of tea by Nelson, been to the Queen's humble abode, walked down the Mall, went Gargoyle hunting, molested Kung Fu Bunnies behind Admiralty Arch, seen some lions at Trafalgar Square, survived John Barrowman wiggling his arse in the Royal Albert Hall, found a phone box that didn't smell like a public toilet (for anyone that wants the obligatory photo, it's the one by the entrance to the Royal College of Music), walked down Carnaby Street to Mayfair and on through Hyde Park, sat in deckchairs by the Serpentine Lake, laughed at me standing in the Diana Memorial Fountain, seen a creepy exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery with projectors (worked in a Groban joke there as well), found Platform 9 3/4, fell in love with the awesomeness of Camden Lock Market, had cinnamon tea in the best tea shop in the world overlooking the Regent's Canal, ate at the Camden Brasserie, mooched through Chinatown, seen Soho, had dinner at Balans on Old Compton Street, scoffed a cannoli and coffee at Bar Italia, been a Beatle up at Abbey Road, saw where the Tardis landed by Lambeth Palace, spotted the Lambeth Walk, and walked over Waterloo Bridge at sunset. Think that's it.

Still to come when she gets back from Sal's tomorrow...the giant Paperchase store, Tate to Tate, the London Eye (where we hope to recreate the Kung Fu Bunny pose), speedboating on the Thames (weather permitting), pie and chips in the Lyceum Tavern, Covent Garden, Tower of London, dinner at Butler's Wharf, a couple of museums, taking K9 for a walk in my local park, recreating a pic her dad had taken on the Albert Embankment in the 70s, and probably a couple more things I can throw in there for free. This evening she experienced the great British tradition of having someone fall onto the train line, meaning you are diverted to God knows where by the train operator, and having to find your way back to where you'd hoped to end up. Bonus for her...she got to kind of see Swindon.

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Lou said...

Holy cow you have been one busy chica! Hug Jaz and Sal for me. I'm so grateful they've taken such good care of you.