Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mad Tea Party Mini


I love Heidi Swapp's products, especially her Color Shine Mist. It is superior to any other mist on the market. Really the only problem I have with these mists is that there are only 12 colors!! ; )  When I saw she was having a contest featuring her wood albums I just HAD to play along. 

Here's my finished album. I love how it turned out. It may be my favorite mini book yet!! 
It didn't begin ver well though. I had issues with the mist bleeding through because I painted it onto the wood over a vintage HS mask. Then I used diamond glaze to make the polka dots raised. Tried bringing them out more by outlining them with Sharpie. That didn't work either... so I extended the colors from the dots by painting on more mist. It just became a hot pastel mess, so I covered it with gesso, softening it a bit, making it more like a Monet then covered the majority of it with Punky Sprouts Lacy Blooms. Who knew lacy little doilies would we so handy?

There is some Color shine in the little drink me bottle,
attached with the same Diamond Glaze I used to decorate the tea cup & tea pot.
The TEA letters are vintage HS covered with gesso. 

 The ribbons on the top started out white and were dyed with Color Shine Mist.

The inside of the cover dripping with Color Shine awesomeness.
I'd dreamed of going to Disneyland and riding the tea cups my whole life
(weird dream I know, but that's me, weird!!)
& a year ago my friends took me and made that dream come true.
We had so much fun we went back in October! 

I love the top page in this layout. It just came together so beautifully!
There re several HS Color Magic pieces on this one: the banner,  the tag (misted with Primrose Color Shine & then colored the dots with markers) & the butterflies - which may actually be Pink Paislee.

I love these two pages! The flair was purchased at Disneyland. 
The houndstooth paper is by Pink Paislee, but everything else (except the White Rabbit)
 is by Heidi Swapp. Those 3D Polka Dots & the tapes on the right side of the bottom page:
 vintage HS products!

Yes, I'm a scraphorder...

The one page I don't really like in this album?
The bottom one with the Cheshire Cat on it.
It seems to be lacking something.

The top page is cute though, isn't it?
I actually scrapbooked that same photo on 
some 12x12 HS papers from the same line.

You can't tell I like this ride at all can you?

                          Probably my favorite 2 page spread in the book, so yellow and happy. :)
I spy another Punky Sprouts lacy bloom on this page. 
The yellow stripes are Pink Paislee, everything else is Heidi Swapp.

This is the inside back cover, kind of what I was trying to do with the front piece originally.
Spraying the mist on the polka dot mask worked a lot better than painting in with a brush. That caused the mist to bleed through the wood an not create polka dots at all.  The stickers are all new HS.

The back cover. The inside front cover looks the same, except without the stamping. 
Stamps are by Stampin' Up & Heidi Swapp. I stamped with black paint over the Color Shine drips.
I achieved the drippy affect by standing my cover upright in my spray box and spraying a few sprays of the same color in each spot until it started to run down the page. Finished with a bit of vintage HS tape across the top!

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