Friday, March 28, 2008

Ren faire, here & there.

~~~Removed one image~~~~

and another page from RenFaire. Which I covered all my cleavage in...
both of these pages were made with a digital kit which I printed elements out from and traditionaly scrapped. Hybrid pages they are called (for you nonscrappers out there).
This one looks so much more vibrant... I'll have to take another photo of it. This doesn't do justice to the colors.

A few pages from the Phoenix Josh show a year ago. (3/25/07)
I scrapped one of these on the anniversary of that show.
Not so sure I like the girliness of them. Both from sketches.

A Rusty Pickle Pirate Book I made in a class last August, but finally put pictures in tonight.
We're doing another Rusty Pickle class next month, am excited!! Amy did you get the email about it? If not I'll fwd it to you.

See the whole book here


Amy said...

I didi get the e-mail. What classes did you get most excited about? I think i like the pirate girl one a lot!

Colette said...

Love the LOs & that is impressive!

joscelyne cutchens said...

you are so funny. I think I need a corset. but I do have pics of my cleavage... my dh gets 'em everytime I hand him the camera.

atleast when I get old, I'll have photo proof of the goods. ha!