Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crushed Button Mosaic Tutorial

I made one of these on a layout for Scrapstars {I'm one of their guest designers this month } and was asked to do a tutorial on how to do it. So here goes. It's totally easy to do.

Materials needed: pliers, adhesive, buttons, and a chipboard shape. The buttons should match the color of your shape. (I painted my chipboard first).

Step one: Crush some buttons. Put the button between your pliers. They break best on the button holes. Put your hand over your pliers to keep button pieces from flying all over... but not too close! I pinched my hand in the pliers on accident, not fun.

Reapeat until you have a pile of crushed buttons.

Step two: Cover your entire shape with adhesive.

Step three: cover the shape with the crushed buttons until the shape is entirely covered.

Step 4: Adhere your finished button mosaic to your page!

Variations: Use a die cut, monogram, stamped design, or a shape on your patterned paper, fill it in with crushed buttons. If you make anything with this tutorial link me up, I'd love to see!

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Shaunna :) said...

ohhhh i love it Kimmy :) great tutorial!!!! the flower turned out great too! can't wait to try it!