Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lots of Creating This Week!

My dog Bailey. Sometimes I call him Big Boy.

My hometown. Pictures taken by my friend Kristen Frederiksen.
My wallhanging for Project Catwalk this week. LOVE how this turned out.
It's made out of my old favorite jeans. No sewing on here, except the ribbon hanger. :D
I want my summertime back.
Kaitee in my parent's backyard this summer.

Pet ATCs for the ConcropSwap.
For Sasha's Wacky Weds Challenge. I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since this show.
Photos by Charlie (Joshboy)
Kaitee enjoying the bath.
A bucket for treats. :D

Me @ age 7.
Joseph Fiennes. Yummy. For another Sasha Challenge last week.
An inspiration board. I've got it behind my desk at school with photos on it now.
My page for Scrapstars. I was a Guest Designer for them this month.
I sent a jpg of this page to Mr. Wright and he was very flattered. :)


seriaunmilagro said...

quick commentito to say LOVE.

Kaitee just keeps getting more adorable, you must have crazy fun scrapping her!

That jeans one was pretty amazing!

{{Pau/Li/NA}} said...

omg I was searching josh groban and your blog site came one.. you should so make scarpbooks for grobies I know i did a few for socal parties and they raise a good amount to GFC...

BTW i was at the anaheim concert great pix from charlie!!!!
cant wait till josh tours again...