Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Westminster Abbey & St. Paul's Cathedral

Two of the stops on the Big Bus Tour were Westminster Abbey & St. Paul's. We went inside both, but since they are places of worship they don't allow photos inside, which was kind of killing me...I was composing so many pictures in my head... the interiors of both were just stunning, the stained glass, statuary, and architecture. WOW. Awestruck I was. We had tea in the crypt at St. Paul's, right down the hall from Horatio Nelson... I had shortbread with lavender in it and the best crisps (potato chips) ever! They were piper's crisps brand, with sea salt and cider vinegar. SO GOOD!!

Here are a few outside pics.

Saint Paul's

Westminster Abbey...gargoyle hunting!!!
We even brought a few home.

I managed to get SUNBURNED in England. I hardly ever get sunburned in AZ...for some reason I find this funny.

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