Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nothin's gonna harm you...

Didn't used to be so fond of this song, then Anaheim happened and I was able to be up near the stage for it. Josh sits on the egde of the stage when he sings this one, and invites the first four rows to gather around him while he sings and signs things for them. Only 1 person bettween me and Josh. Then I saw Sweeney Todd... and now, I just love it. These pics were taken in Phoenix from my row 12 seat with my zoom lens, my Anaheim ones are way better.

I actually used some of my new Christmas paper to make these pages. I really needed to escape my own self made red & black curse. I'd only scrapped Josh on red & black for so long (my whole Vegas album) that I was begining to worry if I could move away from that. These pages proved I was able to.

Also there is this coffee cup I made for Jena a couple weeks ago. I mentioned it here. She's finally recieved it in the mail so I can share it here now. It says "squee" down the right side next to the picture of Josh holding coffee.

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seriaunmilagro said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NWIA.

coffee mug makes the kawfeez taste EXTRA NUMMEH